The death toll and corona deaths have dropped dramatically in this government / I have personally contacted several countries to get vaccinated

Explaining the situation in the country when he took over the government, he mentioned the control of the corona as the most important priority of the government in the beginning and said: “Today, we thank God for the incidence and Both deaths have dropped dramatically.

According to ISNA, Ayatollah Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi, in his third news interview on the occasion of the 100th day of the beginning of the 13th government, spoke to the people on the second channel of Sima. In response to the question of what grade he gives to the government after one hundred days, he stated: The grade should be given by the dear people. Their judgment in this regard is fair and just.

More than 100 million doses of vaccine entered the country

Referring to the circumstances in which he took over the government; “In terms of the conditions of the corona outbreak, as well as the financial and economic situation and the treasury,” he said, “the most important thing was the hope and trust of the people, which was damaged, and one of the important tasks of the government was to recreate it.”

Emphasizing that one of the most important issues is the lives of the people and that the government should be able to accompany the people in their livelihood problems and take steps with the people to untie the knot, he said: I realized that the corona and the need for corona vaccination was the most important. At that time, 700 Iranian families were grieving every day, and we and the people were saddened why no more serious work was being done.

“The answer I heard in those days was that it is not possible to allocate currency because of currency problems, or countries do not vaccinate us because of sanctions,” Reisi said. Of the 30 million vaccines, maybe 5 million were not imported, and today, thank God, the incidence and mortality rate of both have dropped significantly, and we should be grateful for the help of the people and the health and medical staff, which I announce on the 100th day of the government. 100 million doses of the vaccine have been imported, and some are now injecting a third dose of the vaccine.

“I advise the people that now the conditions have been created for the reopening of schools, universities and businesses, and that 100,000 closed businesses will resume operations,” he said. Have done, we may have another wave ahead so people will follow.

The head of the 13th government added: “We are happy that the business environment is booming again, and despite the problems in the surrounding countries, many of our cities are in good condition, except for a few cities, which is also being pursued.”

“The government has had a commendable role in public vaccination,” he said. Thanks to the people for their good cooperation. People were looking for vaccines that day. Today we are looking for people to be vaccinated.

“I went to the pharmacy near the president’s office and saw people queuing to receive the medicine, and I was very impressed,” Reisi said, referring to the steps taken to import and supply the vaccine. I sat down with the relevant officials and said why it is necessary to set up drug distribution centers in Tehran. Distribute this among different pharmacies. Within three days, these few centers became 300 drug distribution centers.

“I talked to different countries that could easily get the vaccine to get the vaccine, and the flood of vaccines started to enter the country and changed the situation,” he continued. I personally contacted some countries and followed up on the issue.

Referring to the government’s measures to provide the vaccine, the President continued: Mr. Mokhber pursued the issue of providing foreign exchange and the First Vice President formed a new headquarters and headquarters. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also pursued contacts with different countries, and apart from personal contacts, I asked the gentlemen to focus all their work on following up and providing vaccines. Vaccination was the government’s first priority. My servant, the first deputy, the foreign minister, and our ambassadors were active and the vaccine came.

We must support domestic vaccine production

Recalling the government’s support for domestically produced vaccines, Reisi stressed: “On the other hand, we also supported domestic production and now we have to support the production of domestic vaccines. We overcame this situation and opened businesses and schools.” And became universities. I told the elite and the radio and television to persuade people to get vaccinated.

Even one death from corona is high

Emphasizing that today the situation of deaths is in double digits, he clarified: the death of one person is too much for us and we should not be satisfied with these conditions. I reiterate that more follow-up needs to be done. A commission is still active in the area of ​​the first deputy. We ourselves, who have a meeting every week and follow up on issues to get through this situation.

We will decide on the shortage of specialist doctors soon

Referring to the government’s program in the field of health and the issue of shortage of doctors in the cities, the President said: “The issue of easy and cheap access to doctors, especially specialist doctors across the country, is an important issue.” We have doctors in the cities, but is access to specialized doctors possible for all people? In the first meetings of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, the issue of shortage of physicians and specialist physicians was raised, and in the same session, a working group was appointed to prepare a plan to attract specialized physicians and talented students who are ready to acquire knowledge and specialization today.

He continued: “We will decide soon to solve the problem of shortage of specialist doctors in the country.” At the same time, because the opinions of doctors are different, I said that we should also see the opinions of the pros and cons. A comprehensive plan is to be developed. I promise the youth and the people that this issue will be decided in the first meeting of the Cultural Revolution Council, and I entered into this issue myself.

We need to reduce our distance from people

“We need to close the gap with the people,” Reisi said of the government’s provincial trips. I advised all men’s governments to communicate with the people and listen to the words and pain of the people. Be with people. Our government is a people’s government. It is an honor for us to always increase communication with the people. Listen to people and their problems.

He emphasized that before traveling to the provinces, we check the situation of the provinces, emphasizing: the problems of the province are heard from the representatives and the Friday prayer leader, professors and the people. The governor speaks and the content is summarized and the needs are examined with priority, and in fact the credits are predicted and the relevant bodies meet to see how much credit can be provided.

“The people are the first observers to get things done, the second is the governor, as the highest government official in the province, and the third is the executive vice president, a section to follow up on travel approvals,” Reisi said. People should know that travel approvals have been implemented. I hope that in the coming days we will be able to visit other provinces and follow up on the priority issues of the provinces.

The President continued: We will not start a new project in the provinces. We have so many semi-finished projects in the country that we can say that there are semi-finished projects in the country for decades. I’m not going anywhere to pick up a new pickaxe. The same pickaxes that have been hit should be followed up.

“We will continue to travel to the provinces and increase our relationship with the people,” he said, adding: “There are many blessings in relation to the people.” I tell all government officials across the country, governors and governors, district heads and department heads, that there is a blessing in relation to the people that never happens by sitting in a closed room behind a desk.

Stocks of basic commodities were worrying at the beginning of the government

Emphasizing that one of the priority concerns of the government, after the lives of the people, is their bread and livelihood, the President said: “In the circumstances when we started the government, it was necessary to take measures in this area.” Stocks of basic commodities were worrisome and needed to be addressed. Today, the supply of basic goods has reached an acceptable level, which we do not have to worry about, and there is no problem in the field of wheat, and there is no concern in this regard.

“In the last days of August, when our government had not yet received a vote of confidence from the parliament and I was meeting with members of the previous government, there was an issue called the salaries of government employees in August, from which source and without borrowing from Pay the central bank and create salary money. Today, three months have passed and salaries are being paid without borrowing from the Central Bank.

He added: Every month, in addition to its own expenses, the government must pay an average of 10 thousand billion tomans a month to the invoices of the previous government. These factors are the maturity of participation bonds and it was emphasized that we should not borrow from the central bank.

Emphasizing that borrowing from the Central Bank means creating money and has inflationary effects, the President said: “From now on, we were supposed to be very sensitive about creating money, increasing liquidity and any inflationary action, and in the 1401 budget.” Efforts were also made to adjust budget structures to be anti-inflationary.

Statistics Centers Report Inflation Controlled

He said that the report of the statistical centers during this period indicates that inflation is being controlled, adding that this issue should continue in order to control inflation. The third issue is the supply of goods needed by the people and the distribution system of needed goods, which in the distribution of goods, unfortunately, we saw lines that did not correspond to the dignity of the people. Today, distribution is done using modern smart services and businesses, and this work has started in some provinces.

Reisi continued: the first deputy is in charge of the market regulation headquarters and in the economic headquarters of the government, the officials are discussing so that the goods needed by the people can be reached easily and the people should not worry about this.

How could the government pay the employees without borrowing from the central bank?

In response to a question about how the government was able to pay the salaries of the employees without borrowing from the central bank, the president stressed: “We must pay attention to the country’s resources and know that different ways are needed to provide funding.” One of the government’s revenues is tax revenue. This income must be used properly. Tax evasion hurts everyone today. There are people who have a lot of income and evade taxes.

Emphasizing that the generation of government assets is another source of government revenue, the head of the 13th government said that the government should use land and facilities. There are possibilities today that have not been considered, and the government should pay attention to all of them. By doing so, we can run the country without government actions having inflationary effects.

We have to solve the budget deficit problem by the end of the year

He added: “One of the issues that we have been looking for and are asking the parliament not to approve or minimize is the issue of new expenses for the government.” We are facing a serious budget deficit and we have to solve this issue by the end of the year. We need to increase revenues and reduce costs.

“The way to do this is to help the government and parliament to increase revenue and reduce costs,” he said. We should not have an expensive government.

“The 1401 budget bill is going through the final stages,” he said.

“Territorial planning is the criterion,” Reisi said of the standard of justice. Some sectors in the country are poor or have little, and we must create justice in distribution so that it leads to public satisfaction. Landscaping and justice in the distribution between rich and poor enjoy public satisfaction, which may lead to dissatisfaction for some, but public satisfaction is important to us.

The result of the president’s two recent foreign trips to Iran

Referring to his presence at two international meetings in Ashgabat and Dushanbe during the recent period, the President said: “During this period of 100 days of face-to-face communication with foreign delegations and telephone communications, what was central was that the Islamic Republic Expanding social, political, cultural and economic ties with the world.

He added: “In the Shanghai summit, I met with the leaders present at the summit, and in these meetings, I emphasized the development of Iran’s relations with these countries.” None of us were satisfied with this amount of communication.

“After the visit to Ashgabat, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our trade with Tajikistan has tripled,” Reisi said. “After accepting Iran’s permanent membership in Shanghai, I asked economic activists to become active.” >

“We had a problem with Turkmenistan for five years,” the president said, referring to his visit to Turkmenistan and his participation in the ECO summit. With this trip, both communication was established and the transit issue was resolved. There was also a gas swap agreement between Turkmenistan, Iran and Azerbaijan, and this agreement could be a good ground for making Iran a regional transit hub. Given the sea and the beaches we have, we can be successful.

“In Turkmenistan, in a meeting with economic activists, I promised to revive the gas contract,” he recalled. With the goodwill created between the two countries, the way was opened. We have also concluded agreements with some neighboring countries that we have not announced and will announce in the near future. These contracts are with very large sums and very important measures that have been concluded with neighboring countries.

The two texts submitted by Iran were based on Borjam

“We have done two things since the beginning of the government; One was the lifting of sanctions, which was put on the agenda in a camp headed by the first vice president, and the other was the lifting of sanctions.

“They thought we were not participating in the talks and had nothing to say, while it was proven to the world that Iran was present in the talks with dignity and authority,” he said. We provided two texts, which were presented entirely based on what is in Borjam, and the work is being followed.

The lifting of sanctions was strongly pursued

“The issue of lifting the sanctions was pursued vigorously and the issue of neutralizing the sanctions is also being pursued,” he said. p>

The government is determined to end unhealthy relationships

“We believe that the comprehensive system should be activated,” he said of controlling commodity prices and the justice system of distribution and cutting the hands of brokers. Different parts of the system have but are not comprehensive and are not connected to each other that we can not take full advantage of it. Ports, customs and departments of the Ministry of Silence should be connected.

“A comprehensive trade system and a comprehensive system that can detect the financial and economic situation in a timely manner and can fully monitor exchanges, in which case tax evasion is less likely to occur,” Reisi continued.

“One of the priority things we are doing in the country, and the Minister of Economy and Silence announced, is to discuss the formation of this comprehensive system, which is one of the aspirations,” he said. I promise people that this comprehensive system will be operational soon and that preliminary work has been done.

“Maybe I can point to seven laws in this area, all of which are effective in the economic situation,” the president said, referring to parliamentary approvals on the business environment and production boom. The government is determined to follow the approvals and solve the problems and remove the obstacle in the way of the producer and the entrepreneur so that the investment can be done easily in the country.

“We must cut off unhealthy hands in this regard and the government is determined to end the unhealthy relations because these unhealthy relations will hit the country and the market,” he stressed.

Do not do anything that shocks the economy

Referring to the government’s approach to the preferred currency, Raisi said: “The law provides for 8 billion for the supply of basic goods this year. This figure ended at the beginning of the thirteenth government. That is, the money to be used throughout the year was the end of the amounts provided for in the law in the early days of the new government. We also told people not to do anything that would shock the economy and not to surprise people.

The President said: “In specialized meetings, it was discussed how the issue of preferential currency will be and what should be done in this regard.” Arrangements have also been made in the government for this issue so that we can cut off the hands of the brokers and this possibility will be directly in the pockets of the people. In the government, we plan to cut the flow of brokerage and business in the distribution system as well as in the allocation of credits, and move towards the benefit of the people.

He added: “I have promised before and I say again that we will not surprise the people in economic decisions and we will discuss all issues with the people.” If we make reforms and actions, we will benefit both economists and thinkers, and we will inform the people and the market.

Regarding the payment of subsidies and high-consumption subscribers, the head of the 13th government said: “The government was obliged to do this for high-consumption subscribers from April 1, but this was not done.” This means that regulations related to gas, electricity and water had to be prepared and approved by the government and the administration of justice in this regard was operated in accordance with the law.

“When we started the government, we were faced with the fact that the remarks were not operational,” Reisi added. Therefore, we instructed both the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Oil to prepare the regulations immediately and make sure that justice is done.

He pointed out: from the high consumers in this regard, the money that is intended should be received from them. Low consumption that consumes itself and some deciles that need help.

“We are not talking to 80% of the people, not 80% of the houses,” the president said. We have some industrial consumption and some domestic consumption. There are both uses, that is, we have high consumption in both industrial and domestic consumption. Rituals for high consumption were approved by the government during this period, which will be followed by the Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Energy.

About the government transformation document

Reisi also said about the government transformation document: “Since the beginning of the 13th government, the writing of the transformation document has started, and more than 15 think tanks are cooperating with the government in this field.” The document of transformation is ready by covering various issues in the country, and the budget for 1401 has been compiled based on this document. This document is very important because the mission of the government is change and the axis of change is justice.

The head of the 13th government, referring to the many crises in the 100 days of the government’s inauguration, called one of these crises a cyber attack and stated: The government acted with the trust of the people and this crisis was managed and the problem was solved. شایعاتی پخش شد که دولت به دنبال افزایش قیمت بنزین است، اما مردم دیدند این کذب است و فتنه‌ها با اعتماد مردم خنثی شد.

هیچ بن بستی وجود ندارد

وی با تاکید بر اینکه در قبال همه مردم چه آنانی که به من رای دادند و چه آنانی که به من رای ندادند احساس وظیفه می‌کنم، اظهار کرد: در خدمتگزاری مصمم هستیم تا مشکلات را از پیش پای مردم برداریم. من بیش از همیشه به آینده کشور امیدوارم. هر چه کار دولت پیش می‌رود با وجود مشکل، راهکار هم هست و هیچ بن‌بستی وجود ندارد. جوانان و مردم انسداد را حس نمی‌کنند و راه برون‌رفت وجود دارد.

رییس‌جمهوری با اشاره به اینکه مشکلات را با کمک مردم حل خواهیم کرد، گفت: ساعتی نیست که از دغدغه‌های مردم غافل شوم، مبالغه نمی‌کنم. از بعد از نماز صبح که کارم آغاز می‌شود، دغدغه‌های مردم را پیگیری می‌کنم.

بدنه دولت باید خود را برای یک کار به موقع و به هنگام برای مردم آماده کند

رییسی در پاسخ به سوالی مبنی بر اینکه آیا بدنه دولت هم با شما همراهی دارند، گفت: بدنه دولت باید همراه شود. ما خدمتگزار مردم هستیم. بدنه دولت باید خود را برای یک کار به موقع و به هنگام برای مردم آماده کند. مردم کار با تاخیر را نمی پسندند. آن چیزی که مردم پسند می کنند و از همه بالاتر خدای این مردم پسند می کند کار به موقع و به هنگام است و ما بنا داریم کار را به هنگام انجام دهیم.این کار به موقع اعتماد مردم را افزایش می دهد و امید مردم را افزون می کند.

رییس دولت سیزدهم اظهار کرد: یکی از گلایه هایی که در کشور وجود دارد، مساله این است که کاری را برای پروژه ای می خواهند شروع کنند بدلیل بروکراسی اداری دستگاه ها کار صدور مجوز و دیگر اقدامات با کندی و سختی پیش می رود.

وی تاکید کرد: هیچ کارمند دولت حق ندارد به هیچ عنوان کار امروز را به فردا بیندازد. کسانی که به نام دولت کار می‌کنند بدانند که باید کار را در موقع انجام دهند و حتی باید کارها را جهادی و زودتر از حد تصور انجام داد. گلایه مردم باید تمام شود.

رییسی در پایان اظهار کرد: اشکالات و اعتراضات مردم در زمینه طولانی شدن امور را به حق می‌دانم. مشاهده می‌کنم که کاری به ناحق و با تاخیر انجام شده است. همه دستگاه ها باید به خط شوند و به مردم خدمت کنند.

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