The death toll and corona deaths have dropped dramatically in this government / I have personally contacted several countries to get vaccinated

According to ISNA, Ayatollah Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi, in his third news interview, which spoke to the people on the occasion of the 100th day of the 13th government on the second channel of Sima, in response to the question of what score he gives to the government after 100 days Kurd: Dear people should give the grade. Their judgment in this regard is fair and just.

Governments do not allow crisis to arise / Our diplomacy is result-oriented and result-oriented

According to ISNA, Ali Bahadori Jahromi stated in his first press conference with media representatives: In the field of government performance reporting, we have almost reached the 100th anniversary of the government. It remains to be seen what steps the government has taken during this period and whether its performance has been acceptable or not. The need for accountability and transparency and the need to report performance to the people and the media and the demand that is especially in the minds of the media, the government considers it necessary to have this report, which starts this week by some ministries and next week with more intensity Will be followed.

To support manufacturers, be sure to pre-purchase the domestic corona vaccine

According to ISNA, Ayatollah Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi on Saturday at the meeting of the National Headquarters against Corona, considered the action of domestic companies in the production of Corona vaccine very valuable and said: Supporting the activity and production of domestic vaccine by these companies is one of the government’s priorities. In this regard, buying these products can make them more hopeful about continuing and expanding their activities.

Avoid any stereotypes about coronas / reopenings by replacing smart methods

According to ISNA, Ayatollah Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi on Saturday at the meeting of the National Corona Headquarters, while pointing to the removal of some Corona restrictions in the country, said: “The main priority is to protect the health of students, workers and individuals, and reopening must be Be accompanied by hygienic procedures and replacement of smart methods.

Congregations should still be avoided / hopefully the next wave will be avoided

According to ISNA, Ayatollah Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi, President, on Saturday at the meeting of the National Corona Headquarters, stressed that the people should continue to pay serious attention to the observance of health principles and procedures, adding: “In the way of combating and overcoming Corona disease Sensitivity to health is an inevitable necessity. Communities and anything that increases the likelihood of contracting the disease should also be avoided.

Do not have a passive encounter with a possible corona wave

According to ISNA, Ayatollah Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi on Saturday morning at the meeting of the National Corona Headquarters, appreciating the efforts of all those who are involved in the fight against Corona, said: “In the fight against Corona, the issue of persuading public opinion is inevitable.” .

Public immunization is essential to overcome coronary restrictions

According to ISNA, Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi on Thursday at the meeting of the heads of specialized committees of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters, pointing to the importance of observing health procedures in controlling and controlling the corona, added: Take the last decade of the zero month seriously.

جای خالی «مدیریت بحران» در جنگ با کرونا

بابک نورالهی در گفت وگو با ایسنا، با اشاره به اینکه بیش از پانزده ماه از اعلام رسمی ورود ویروس کرونا به کشور می‌گذرد و متولیان امور مربوط به مدیریت بیماری ناشی از این ویروس، همچنان در حال آزمون‌وخطا هستند، اظهار کرد: این تصمیمات متناسب با شرایط مختلف قابل‌تغییر است و شیب کرونا هرچند وقت یک‌بار بالا پایین می‌رود، بطوریکه اکنون کرونا دورخیزی خود را برای موج پنجم در ایران برداشته و ما همچنان سردرگم برای نحوه مدیریت این میهمان ناخوانده هستیم. همه جور آن را هم از انواع چینی، انگلیسی و هندی و آفریقایی و … تجربه کردیم و احتمال صادرات نوع ایرانی آن به وجود دارد.

آماده‌باش پلیس برای برگزاری نماز عید فطر با رعایت پروتکل‌های بهداشتی

سردار حسین رحیمی در گفت‌وگو با ایسنا، با اشاره به فرارسیدن عید فطر گفت: فرا رسیدن عید سعید فطر را به عموم مردم و به خصوص شهروندان تهرانی تبریک عرض می‌کنم. امسال در شرایط کرونا تمهیدات برای نماز عید سعید فطر نیز متفاوت است، اما با این وجود پلیس در آماده باش کامل است.

شکننده بودن وضعیت کرونایی خراسان رضوی/تعداد فوتی‌ها همچنان دو رقمی است

مهدی قلیان اول در گفت‌گو با ایسنا اظهار کرد: هم‌اکنون ۱۲۷۶ نفر بر اثر ابتلا به کرونا در بیمارستان‌های خراسان رضوی بستری هستند و میزان بستری‌های روزانه در استان به ۳۰۳ نفر در روز کاهش یافته است.