Governments do not allow crisis to arise / Our diplomacy is result-oriented and result-oriented

According to ISNA, Ali Bahadori Jahromi stated in his first press conference with media representatives: In the field of government performance reporting, we have almost reached the 100th anniversary of the government. It remains to be seen what steps the government has taken during this period and whether its performance has been acceptable or not. The need for accountability and transparency and the need to report performance to the people and the media and the demand that is especially in the minds of the media, the government considers it necessary to have this report, which starts this week by some ministries and next week with more intensity Will be followed.

People in cities and countries would not have problems living if they considered God

According to ISNA, Hojjatoleslam and Muslims, Kazem Siddiqui, in the first sermon of Friday prayers in Tehran, stating that I invite you, my dear brothers and sisters, to perform the duties of servitude and forsaking sins, said: ‌ God Almighty has invited us to piety and He has considered piety as the cause of the blessings of heaven and earth.

Avoid any stereotypes about coronas / reopenings by replacing smart methods

According to ISNA, Ayatollah Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi on Saturday at the meeting of the National Corona Headquarters, while pointing to the removal of some Corona restrictions in the country, said: “The main priority is to protect the health of students, workers and individuals, and reopening must be Be accompanied by hygienic procedures and replacement of smart methods.

After the initial success in vaccination, the next priority is market regulation

According to ISNA, Hojjat-ul-Islam and Muslims, Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi on Wednesday at a cabinet meeting stated that the great emigration of great Imams from Ahmad Bin Musa (AS) and Imam Masoumeh (AS) to other Imams to different parts of our country from the eighth Imam’s trip to Iran He said: The combination of this migration and the presence of Imam Reza (AS) marked a civilization for the region, the effects of which are still alive.

ثبت نام واکسیناسیون افراد بالای ۷۰ سال از شنبه

مرکز روابط عمومی و اطلاع رسانی وزارت بهداشت در خصوص اجرای نوبت‌ دهی هوشمند واکسیناسیون برای گروه سنی بالای ۷۰ سال اطلاعیه‌ای صادر کرد.

تعداد مراکز واکسیناسیون تهران به ۸۰ مرکز افزایش می یابد

فرمانده ستاد عملیات مدیریت بیماری کرونا در تهران از فعالیت ۴۳ مرکز تجمیعی واکسیناسیون خودرویی و غیرخودرویی در تهران خبر داد و گفت: تا ۱۰ روز آینده تعداد این مراکز به ۸۰ مرکز افزایش می یابد.