We are determined to reach an agreement / Trust the negotiators / The main focus is on lifting sanctions

According to ISNA, Saeed Khatibzadeh in his weekly meeting with reporters added: “In 900 km of the border between Iran and Afghanistan, in some places we have created walls and barriers to prevent the entry of smugglers and miscreants, some of which are barriers and walls.” They are a few hundred meters inside Iran in order to create these obstacles in a suitable place.

Khatibzadeh: We do not have bilateral talks with the United States / We went to Vienna to reach the principles of an agreement

According to ISNA, Saeed Khatibzadeh, at the beginning of his press conference in honor of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, said: “Palestine is an undeniable ideal for us.”

All preparations are made for a good and quick agreement / Iranians can travel to the country in peace

According to ISNA, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said that during the past 100 days, the discussion of Borjam, Vienna talks and interaction and cooperation in the interests and rights of the Iranian people with the International Atomic Energy Agency have been seriously considered by the country’s diplomatic apparatus. We will start the Vienna talks from this week. In this context, in recent weeks, my deputy Mr. Bagheri has traveled to the capitals of some European countries, Moscow, as well as to countries in the region and neighboring countries, has established webinars and contacts with Beijing, and has taken measures and consultations in this regard. I have also had detailed talks with the foreign ministers of the member states of the UN Security Council. We have made all the preparations to reach a good and quick agreement. Of course, if the other parties also return to their full obligations. We have explicitly stated our positions and demands in the conversations we have had.

Beheshtipour: It is logical and necessary to continue the Vienna talks

In an interview with ISNA, Hassan Beheshtipour said that Iran has stated that it is ready to negotiate the lifting of sanctions, and that these talks are within the framework of the UN Security Council. The current and previous governments agreed on this position that Borjam should be implemented within its current framework.

THE PRESIDENT: We are very serious in the nuclear negotiations for the lifting of all sanctions

According to ISNA, سید Ayatollah Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi on Tuesday, appreciating the phone call of Russian President Vladimir Putin, called the will of the Islamic Republic of Iran to develop trade and economic relations with Russia and said: “We are ready for a comprehensive document on long-term cooperation between the two countries.” To finalize the process of upgrading the relations and cooperation between the two countries as soon as possible.

Bagheri: The issue of verification of the lifting of US sanctions has not been resolved yet

According to ISNA, quoting the Guardian newspaper, Ali Bagheri, our political deputy foreign minister, who has traveled to Europe for some consultations with his counterparts, said in an interview with this newspaper: Iran wants a commitment that the United States will withdraw from the nuclear deal again. O signed by the world powers will not come out. Bagheri added: “In the Vienna talks between Iran and the other signatories of the agreement, the parties could not agree on a means of verifying that the US sanctions had been lifted and had a pragmatic effect on trade with Iran.” “We need verification and this issue has not been resolved yet,” said Iran’s deputy foreign minister. One of the issues that has not been finalized yet is not enough to be mentioned in the agreement alone. He did not rule out the possibility of an independent body being responsible for the verification. Defending his demand that the United States guarantee that the United States would abide by the agreement, Ibn’s senior diplomat said: “The issue is an agreement, not a policy.” If there is an agreement and peace between the two countries, it will have the effect of a treaty. It is a matter of international law. US domestic law is not going to override an international agreement. This is against international law. Bagheri continued: he calls on the European powers to guarantee on their own behalf, regardless of the US position, that they will trade with Iran; Possibly through the use of a deterrent law that would neutralize the impact of US sanctions on European shirts trading with Iran. The deputy foreign minister denied allegations that Iran was struggling to resume the Vienna nuclear talks in an effort to expand its nuclear program, saying it was normal for a new government to prepare its negotiating position. And hold bilateral talks with other partners. The senior Iranian negotiator in the Vienna talks reiterated his call for the lifting of sanctions related to the nuclear deal. In addition, Bagheri rejected any negotiations on Iran’s missile and security program and their inclusion in the nuclear deal, saying that “the [nuclear deal] has a clear framework and other issues are not related.” We do not intend to negotiate our defense or security. He added: “Iran’s relations with other countries do not need to be careful.” The Deputy Foreign Minister of our country rejected the issue that his negotiating position is said to be so strong that it is impossible to reach an agreement in Vienna, and explained: We only say that according to Borjam, sanctions should be lifted. We made an agreement and our view is that it should be implemented. Asked if he thought the Vienna talks needed to be resumed from the outset, he said: “It does not matter where we started, but what is important is to reach an agreement that has practical results for the parties.” . Our main goal is to lift the illegal sanctions that they imposed on the Iranian nation in violation of UN resolutions. Any anti-Burjam sanctions imposed by both Obama and Trump’s presidency must be lifted. This is the agreement that shaped Burjam. End of message

Vienna talks begin in next three weeks / Reaction to Korean donation of mask to hospital

According to ISNA, ‌ Saeed Khatibzadeh in his weekly meeting with local and foreign media on Monday morning in response to a question about the statements of Israeli officials that the regime has allocated one and a half billion dollars to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities . We have never ignored the Zionist regime’s threat to the stability and security of the region because the nature of this regime is crisis-creating and its roots are in creating insecurity. In this regard, it does not tolerate any safe environment.

Iran’s recommendation to Azerbaijan / We have not set any preconditions for the Vienna talks

According to ISNA, Saeed Khatibzadeh told reporters on Monday morning in response to a question about the talks between Mr. Bagheri and Enrique Mora, a high-ranking EU official: شنبه Last Thursday’s talks were good and constructive and tips Iran should have been transferred to the coordinator of the talks, and the two sides agreed to continue the talks in Brussels in the coming days. This was a bilateral agreement.

Iran will not remain handcuffed / We will negotiate with collective wisdom / We will not leave the West aside

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in an interview with ISNA on the sidelines of his recent regional tour in response to the question that you recently traveled to Moscow and met with officials of this country. Given the Thirteenth Government’s view of engagement with Asian countries, including the East, does this mean that engagement with the West has little place in the Thirteenth Government’s foreign policy? Let’s say a balanced foreign policy is under active, dynamic and intelligent diplomacy.